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Monday, December 8, 2008

Letter to LOVE

I am sending a LETTER without address,
This type of emotion has some kind of distance.
Whose songs are you playing?
What kind of mood are you in? Can you tell me about it?
Rain is falling silently, is it you whose sneakly crying?
Happiness is really not easy,
In your background music, there is me LOVING you..

I can watch the star with you,
No more explainantion needed, I just want to be with you,
I dont want to be part from you again.
I really know that every beauty is you..

My Words

Every words is pure,
every touch is honest,
when it comes to love,
everythings taste sweet.

Kesetiaan cinta teramat indah,
kadang ia juga menyakitkan,
semuanya ada,
sepertinya kita berada dalam artikel cinta.

Dimana keadilan kasihnya?
Saling memberi tanpa meminta,
fahami hati tanpa kata,
curiga juga menggegar jiwanya.

I surrounded by people but still i feel alone,
then I start thinking about you...

Some people trying to be another person just to beloved.
But I rather to be myself when I'm with you.

Maybe you're looking but you dont really see..!!