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Friday, March 25, 2011

01:00 AM

Its 01:00 AM, and I still wide awake. Am alone at home tonight, my sister working night shift. She's a nurse.

I've been thinking lately, about what my life would be? what's love? home? family and money?

We can deny angel existance, we can deny they will help us when we really need them.. but you know, they show up in unexpected moment, unexpected place- in any form that they might do. Its up to you to believe that.

Maybe I really need an angel right now, or maybe they just let me handle myself to see whether I can handle it myself or not. My capability to survive.

There is so much to life as we speak, the decision we make will leads us to what it should be. So, decide for yourself. Forget about others cause they make thier own too and not too sure is it involve us or not. Figure it out then..

Oohh..its too late! I need to sleep and dream of my angel.. Gudnite. Attaboy~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aku sempat kecewa... ( I was heartbroken)

Aku minta pada Allah setangkai bunga segar

Dia memberi aku kaktus berduri..
Aku minta pada Allah haiwan yg gebu nan cantique..
Dia memberi aku ulat berbulu..

Aku sempat sedih, kecewa dan memprotes.
Betapa tidak adilnya ini.. ahhhh~!
Namun kemudian…

Kaktus itu berbunga, sangat indah sekali,
Ulatpun berubah menjadi kupu-kupu yang teramat cantik..
Itulah jalan Allah..indah pada waktunya..

Allah tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan, tapi memberi yang kita perlukan.
Walau kadang sempat sedih, kecewa, terluka.. Tapi jauh diatas segalanya.
Dia sedang merancang yang terbaik untuk kehidupan kita..
Masihkah kita berharap pada yang lain….?


I request to dear Allah for a beautiful roses
He gave me the thorny cactus..
I request to dear Allah for fluffy cute pet
He gave me the caterpillar..
I was heartbroken, sad and protesting.
This is unfair...!! Ahhhhh...

But then...

The cactus grow a flower... so beautiful~
Caterpillar turn into colourful butterfly
Thats the way it is... Thats Allah way
Beautiful when its the right time...

Allah will not giving us what we wants but he will give all that we need
Even sometimes we felt sad, disappointed and hurts... Above all
He plans what best for us to be..

Do we still hopes and believe for something else..?