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Friday, November 19, 2010

What about love?

I love you again... I love you more!

Hurm, what is it really about love? I can't stand to be alone again. Now I'm not sure was there is any left for me to love anymore.

What about love? What about feeling? Tell me baby what about us? How do I can stand when outside is raining slowly, feels like its run through my wounded heart and its really hurt! Pedih...

We should just keep holding hands and shows them we are happy together. I really missed the moment we had to the pair of us. Even its not so sweet and shortwhile, it is worth remembering for a lifetime. I just cant take my eyes on you the first time we met. Maybe you didnt realize it.

Huh, maybe I need Harry Potter to cast me the "Expecto Patronum" charm. So I wont be sad again or feel despair and its protecs me from get hurt. That seems to be ridiculous, yeah I know. But I wish you'll think of me too right now. I dont wanna just watch this moment go by.

So listen.... "I just wanna be happy"

(Lets me finish just a few paragraphs then I'll have my 'Sweet Dream')

You dont know what I'm feeling.. I dont know where I belong, but I'll be moving on. If you dont! If you wont love me as I am. The charm has come, I will find my own life. But I have to admit that you did inspire me, you gave me the strength to believe in myself. And for that, I thank you.

Is there any doctor here? I wish that you could look into my 'amygdalae'。。 I think I might need a neurological surgery to wash away my emotional feeling. Or I just need Hermoine Jean Granger to cast me 'Obliviate' charm to wept away my memory.

But baby, I still here as I were before.

I am sorry I wrote this, its mean nothing just another drama that plays in my head. But I hope you guys will find it entertaining and instructive.

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live a hundred minus one day... So I never have to live without you"

(c) Alexisqandar