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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surat-surat Cinta Bunian..

Kalau saja dapat diceritakan isi hati ini..
Bisa jadi novel cinta..
Pasti laris dipasaran..

Indahnya butir-butir bicara..
Bagaikan kata-kata yang dipetik dari langit..
Apakah benar..
Surat-surat cinta bunian itu wujud..
Helaian tinta itu pasti magis..

Apa saja..
Bila kita lagi bersedih..
Sedih pilu yang teramat..
Bagaimana hendak mengatasi sedih itu?
Ya..kita hanya mampu mengalirkan air mata..
Bukan nak disalahkan jiwa yang lembut..
Tapi itu hakikat kita manusia biasa..

Bila satu saat..
Akan pasti datang nanti yang bahagia..
Ceritakanlah isi hatimu bagaimana..
Biar kita memahaminya..
Mencari formula yang cantik..
Dan buang semua duka luka kita..
Hadapi masa-masa hidup kita dengan senyuman..

Ohh.. ketenangan hati...

(c) copyright Alexisqandar

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Cinta...

Aku sedar...
Entah apa lagi...
Slalu saja begitu kisah cinta aku...

Dari sisi hati aku yang lain..
Aku hanya ingin dicintai apa adanya..
Tapi mungkin aku harus belajar..
Hidup ini tak seindah seni binaan France..

Bertiuplah wahai angin North Pole..
Sejukkanlah liang hatinya..
Agar bisa puing-puing jantung aku berputar lagi..

Terikkanlah cahaya mu mentari pagi Dubai..
Keringkanlah butir-butir air mata aku..
Walau aku tersiksa oleh bahang hukuman mu..
Hati yang terluka..
Mata yang berdarah..

Andai bisa saja aku kosongkan tubuh ini dari darah merah..
Biar sepucat salju Korea..
Tapi itu pasti menambah gelora laut Caspian..

Habiskanlah coretan puisi ini..
Jangan ada lagi cerita yang mendung gerhana..
Biar semua tenang dan ceria..
Senyumlah wahai sang kekasih..

My Cinta..

(c) copyright Alexisqandar 7

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drachma-drachma Cinta

Verse 1

Kenapa kasih berubah rasa..
Kala malam mengintai siang..
Andai bisa kubeli cinta..
Akan ku dapatkan drachma-drachma emas itu..
Pilunya liang roma menahan kesyahduan..
Dingin sendu disedut lembut..
Lalu dihembus nafas kerinduan..
Verse 2
Setenang air di kali..
Terpadamlah gundah dihati..
Menitip kasih melalui harapan..
Terbit rasa mengalun senyum..
Tapi apa untai kata balasan di sana bakal berbunga rindu?
Jika benar bak dikata..
Cenderawasih kayangan jadi saksi..
Tetes embun penyejuk kalbu..
Terlerai segala gundah..
Meneruskan heretan kasih..
Seharum wangi kayu-kayuan Midle East!
Verse 3
Maafkan aku mencintai kamu sebegini..
Smoga mimpi semusim ini..
Menjadi hamparan peta cinta kita..
Kutiplah mutiara-mutiara merah itu..
Dan terbanglah ke-arah aku..
Mereka pernah berkata..
Dunia ini pentas lakonan semata..
Tapi hayatilah lirik-lirik lagu kita..
Dan kau akan sedar..
Itulah luahan yang jauh disudut kalbu aku..

(c) copyright: Alexisqandar

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Much Do You Love Making Love

A friend of mine ask me to do an article on SEX and this is what running through my head immidiately. What the benefits of making love apart of sensual needs and satisfaction? Uhuh, some of us might knew this. For those who more.

First of all, somebody might say that SEX is not important. It's not the number one in relationship. But for me, it is. The more you having sex the bonds and chemistry you'll have throughout your relationship. Ever heard the quote- " If I making love then I may fall in LOVE?" - Maybe not. Haha.. it was mine.

Model: Edilson Nascimento

Okay lets straight to the point. I'll share some information based on my reading and experience. Its just something that I know. Yes, there is several benefits of making love more in our life.

The fountain of youth may be under your duvet of your most precious "SYURGA DUNIA". Couples who have sex at least four times a week may look 10 years more younger than thier real age.

"Pleasure from making love is a crusial factor in preserving youth due to the releasing of more adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine", says neurologist Dr. David Weeks who conduct study at Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Europe.

"More on that, sex triggers the release of human growth hormone, which fights free radicals from the contaminated earth nowadays. This Helps preserve skin cell walls and relax muscles which  could therwise cause wrinkles."


This definitely beats shelling out 25 motes for a flu jab. Having sex at least twice a week can boost your levels of immunoglobulin A by 20%. The antibody protects against colds and other annoying viral infections.

The study was made and they found out that those who had the most "vigorous" sex were even less prone to spurting the wrong kinds of body fluids.

"The key to boosting these natural antibodies is intensity and fun, so move around and try out all sorts of positions," says Paula Hall, a sexual therapist. (uhuh.. I like: some may says)

"Try the sexy scissors, with him/her lying on the edge of the bed, left leg over your right shoulder and right leg over your left side. You swing his/her ankles in ang out to the sides to trap your penis inside him/her."

Model: Edilson Nascimento


Unleash that libido now, get the rewards later. Men who ejaculate at least 7even times a week in thier twenties were found to be cover a third less likely to develop aggresive prostate cancer in later life than men who only having three climaxes.

Make it better: The biggest benefit comes from one ejaculation daily rather than multiples on certain days.

Model: Edilson Nascimento


Orgasm can halve your sensitivity to pain. Sex boost endorphins, the body natural pain killers, by up to third in a minute (Buletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine).

Make it better: If you are in pain, avoid anything overly vigorous and use long, slow strokes. Focus on grinding rather than shunting. Try "starfish" - lie on the bed facing up, heads poiting in opposite directions, "scissors" your legs and grab each others hands for leverage. Fuel up with fruit salad to maximise pain relief such as black grapes and oranges.

Model: Edilson Nascimento


Ahhh... the sweet lullaby of post-coital body chemistry. During the orgasm our body produces more oxytocin, a hormone that helps induse sleep. There is no doubt sex helps beat insomnia. And it works for me too.

Make it better: Boost your sleep potential by snacking on foods rich in serotonin, such as wholemeal bread or turkey because it will help you to absorb more oxytocin into your nerve system.

6. ....and CHEAT THE DEATH

There is a research been done and they found out that martality risk was 50% lower among men who had two or more orgasm a week. Regular orgasm increase immidiate levels of hormones called DHEA and testosterone, which combats the free radicals that cause cancer and heart disease.

Make it better: "the longer it lasts, the more good it does"... So, teeter on the edge to increase the intenseity of your orgasm. Thrust as far as you can, then grind against him/her. Your penis will be in the wider part of the vaginas so there will be less stimulation. Keep the depth constant for 30 seconds, then thrust them again. If that doesnt keep the boys in the barracks, try thinking of that telegrams from the Queen. Haha..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hot Filipinos Actor: Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales - Kahit Isang Saglit

Our man feature is my ultimate crush Jericho Rosales. This tall, dark and very handsome actor was a product of a variety show. His looks together with his superb acting have put him in the map as a renowned actor. He was not only known here but around the world thanks to his soap and teledramas. Holding his fame in his hand he decided to try singing and go on a break. But it seems that break slows his career down. Though his already in the brick of his comeback and preparing another series with Kristine Hermosa, hopefully were there to anticipate and support it…

Jericho Rosales

Jericho Vibar Rosales (born September 22, 1979) is an accomplished actor, singer, and dancer from the Philippines. Also known as 'Echo'.

Several appearances on television programs like the long-running Maalaala Mo Kaya, and telenovelas like Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas and Pangako Sa `Yo caught the attention of the industry and also turned him into a household name. His acting in the episode, Pasa, of Maalaala Mo Kaya earned him his first Best Actor Star Award by the PMPC. The airing of these shows in other countries also made him into a regional star, particularly in Malaysia, where Pangako Sa `Yo was a runaway hit.


His first effort, LOOSE FIT, a self-penned 14-song album with his band Jeans was released in Malaysia in 2007 and eventually was picked up for local release by EMI Philippines. Though it made critics heads turn, his tv and film followers were taken aback by the progressive direction that his initial music foray took and sales were tepid.

As a true adventurer who enjoys life, Echo is not one who backs down from a challenge and continually seeks out new ways to master whatever endeavor he enters. Ever an avid surfer, he is always on the lookout as to how he can best ride that wave when it comes - both literally and figuratively.


When you feel love..

You do take my breath away
You make my heart beat faster
You make palms sweat
But that doesnt meant that I dont love you..
It means I do

Sometimes your heart knows things
Your mind cant explain
And my heart..
Doesnt race for anyone else

Te amo...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Profession vs Partner / Personal Life

Most of the executives and whoever is working in any company may face this trouble in thier life. We are human being after all, its natural this happen to us. This is not the problem, the problem is how we face it and handle it well due to we are professional, isnt?

The real problem arises only when one half starts hampering the effective functioning of the other. For example, when things are not going too well on the professional front, our personal life suffers. Then it is time to stop and take notice. You have to make an all out attempt to compartmentalise and keep your personal and professional life apart for the sake of your own sanity and well-being. Else, you could end up losing both ways.

Here are some tips for you to try it out, but the real thing is, its up to you on how you manage your life beautifully.

1. Be yourself

It is impossible for a person to change his personality and be one kind of person at home and a different one at the office; unless of course, he is putting on an act. Remember, people get wise to the act at one point of time or the other. Every one of us has been blessed with unique abilities and talents, so let us not waste time worrying because we are not like other people. It is important to be honest and truthful to yourself. It is even more important to be able to love and respect yourself for being you. Once you come across as an honest and straightforward person, people are likely to be more understanding and less interrogative. Your excuse of a hard day at work is more likely to be accepted by your partner if they perceives you as telling the truth, just as your boss would pass your request for leave `because granny is ill'..."i'm attending my cats funeral"... with no comments, if he believes you are sincere.

2. Don't worry so much

Avoid falling into a permanent guilt mode, particularly if you have your partner at home. Just because you can keep working doesn't mean you should. Make time for a private life - even if this means that you need to put personal matters on your to-do list. Remember, your employer is more concerned with how well you do your job than what sort of person you are. So if this that makes you worry so much, put it aside when you're not working. Personal time is personal time!

3. Communications

For me, this is most important thing. But you must remember, communicate doesnt mean you only saying things and vice versa. It have to be in good technique. Words, channel, climate, interference and deliveration must count. When communicating with your loves one, to let them understand how is your carrier going on and on how much care about them, you must first understand them. Let them talk first, then you manipulate thier words on replying. Dont get it wrong, this is actually mean, when you communicate in the same interest and area of experience, its much more effective. One more thing, make sure you dont do talk when the climate is in big tensions. Spend some quality time, be happy and start speak out whats bother you so much. It is more acceptable when you say it on the right time.

4. Spot solutions

This the right time for you to make the right decision on how you want to solve the problems after you explain everything and make them understand. People often make the mistake of putting off important decisions. When there are a multitude of problems, we tend to simultaneously dwell on all of them, worry about all of them, procrastinate about all of them but seldom make a decision, even on one of them. Take one problem at a time. Give priority to important and urgent problems. If you have the facts required to make a decision, don't put it off or procrastinate. Deal with it immediately, before you move to the next problem. That way, you don't carry your work problems home with you or vice-versa. Think about how to save your carrier enhancement and at the same time you still able to spend some quality time with your partner. Lets say you have to go outstation for a quite a long time. Why not you bring them along to that destination. So you can bring them go out somewhere even its not a real vacation after works. You must be a big liar if you have to work 24/7!!

5. Emotional maturity

EQ or the emotional quotient that determines how people react to a given situation plays an important role in ascertaining how well individuals are able to stay in control of both their personal and professional lives. One has to learn to be emotionally mature and not over react, to personal/ work situations and pressures. At work, understand that any criticism is probably not personal, but professional. You will be able to handle things better if you condition yourself to be professionally involved but emotionally detached, as far as your work is concerned. It is easier said than done though, if you happen to love your job; the trick is to identify yourself more with your profession and less with the company. Same goes with your partner.