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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Profession vs Partner / Personal Life

Most of the executives and whoever is working in any company may face this trouble in thier life. We are human being after all, its natural this happen to us. This is not the problem, the problem is how we face it and handle it well due to we are professional, isnt?

The real problem arises only when one half starts hampering the effective functioning of the other. For example, when things are not going too well on the professional front, our personal life suffers. Then it is time to stop and take notice. You have to make an all out attempt to compartmentalise and keep your personal and professional life apart for the sake of your own sanity and well-being. Else, you could end up losing both ways.

Here are some tips for you to try it out, but the real thing is, its up to you on how you manage your life beautifully.

1. Be yourself

It is impossible for a person to change his personality and be one kind of person at home and a different one at the office; unless of course, he is putting on an act. Remember, people get wise to the act at one point of time or the other. Every one of us has been blessed with unique abilities and talents, so let us not waste time worrying because we are not like other people. It is important to be honest and truthful to yourself. It is even more important to be able to love and respect yourself for being you. Once you come across as an honest and straightforward person, people are likely to be more understanding and less interrogative. Your excuse of a hard day at work is more likely to be accepted by your partner if they perceives you as telling the truth, just as your boss would pass your request for leave `because granny is ill'..."i'm attending my cats funeral"... with no comments, if he believes you are sincere.

2. Don't worry so much

Avoid falling into a permanent guilt mode, particularly if you have your partner at home. Just because you can keep working doesn't mean you should. Make time for a private life - even if this means that you need to put personal matters on your to-do list. Remember, your employer is more concerned with how well you do your job than what sort of person you are. So if this that makes you worry so much, put it aside when you're not working. Personal time is personal time!

3. Communications

For me, this is most important thing. But you must remember, communicate doesnt mean you only saying things and vice versa. It have to be in good technique. Words, channel, climate, interference and deliveration must count. When communicating with your loves one, to let them understand how is your carrier going on and on how much care about them, you must first understand them. Let them talk first, then you manipulate thier words on replying. Dont get it wrong, this is actually mean, when you communicate in the same interest and area of experience, its much more effective. One more thing, make sure you dont do talk when the climate is in big tensions. Spend some quality time, be happy and start speak out whats bother you so much. It is more acceptable when you say it on the right time.

4. Spot solutions

This the right time for you to make the right decision on how you want to solve the problems after you explain everything and make them understand. People often make the mistake of putting off important decisions. When there are a multitude of problems, we tend to simultaneously dwell on all of them, worry about all of them, procrastinate about all of them but seldom make a decision, even on one of them. Take one problem at a time. Give priority to important and urgent problems. If you have the facts required to make a decision, don't put it off or procrastinate. Deal with it immediately, before you move to the next problem. That way, you don't carry your work problems home with you or vice-versa. Think about how to save your carrier enhancement and at the same time you still able to spend some quality time with your partner. Lets say you have to go outstation for a quite a long time. Why not you bring them along to that destination. So you can bring them go out somewhere even its not a real vacation after works. You must be a big liar if you have to work 24/7!!

5. Emotional maturity

EQ or the emotional quotient that determines how people react to a given situation plays an important role in ascertaining how well individuals are able to stay in control of both their personal and professional lives. One has to learn to be emotionally mature and not over react, to personal/ work situations and pressures. At work, understand that any criticism is probably not personal, but professional. You will be able to handle things better if you condition yourself to be professionally involved but emotionally detached, as far as your work is concerned. It is easier said than done though, if you happen to love your job; the trick is to identify yourself more with your profession and less with the company. Same goes with your partner.


  1. Must have life balance ~ mcm perli jer nie....

    Brian Adam Daniel


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