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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pergi lebih jauh dengan....


Car Model: Saga FL (2011)- "The Black Saga"
Transmission: Auto
Drives territory: Kuala Lumpur / Selangor.
Driver: nak tau jugak ke.. hehe.

Motive: Mengenal pasti petrol stesen mana lebih kilometer

Hypothesis: Stesen minyak -HIJAU- pergi lebih jauh.

Independent variable: Mobil, Petronas, Shel, Caltex, Petrol '95.
Dependent variable: Kilometers.

Experiment methods:
I am driving around and around KL and selangor during 'Bulan Ramadhan and Eidulfitri'. With empty tank, each petrol station I fill up RM50 only. So, each independent variable data recorded precisely according to kilometers counters data displayed on my car dashboard. From the before I fill up until my 'petrol almost finnish indicator' blinks on the dashboard display. 

Erratum (ralat): I add up another 20km to the data when my petrol indicator starts to blink. Which means I still can run even its blinking for about +/- 20km.


1. Mobil;        6617-6915
2. Petronas; 6915-7150
3. Shell;        7782-8115
4. Caltex;      8311-8571 


1. Mobil- 298 km
2. Petronas- 235 km
3. Shell- 333 km
4. Caltex- 260 km.

Conclusions:  Shell (kuning) pergi lebih jauh dengan jarak perbezaan lebih (variance) +/- 35km.

Notes: This experiment has been made once only to each independent variable. To get more accurate analysis it should be done more than 3 times to get the average data.