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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kris Allen Heartless lyrics

In the night I hear 'em talk, 
The coldest story ever told, 
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul, 
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
Oh, how could you be so heartless?

How could you be so
Cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo
Just remember that you talking to me tho'
You need to watch the way you talking to me no
I mean after all the things that we been through
I mean after all the things we got into
And yo I know some things that you ain't told me
And yo I did some things but that's the old me
And now you wanna give me back
And You gon' show me
So you walk around like you don't me
You got a new friend
Well I got homeys
But at the end it's still so lonely

In the night I hear 'em talk, 
The coldest story ever told, 
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul, 
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
Oh, how could you be so heartless?

How could you be so Dr. Evil
You're bringing out a side of
Me that I don't know, 
I decided we weren't gonna speak so why are up 3 a.m. on the phone, 
Why does she be so mad at me for, homey I don't know she's hot and cold, 
I won't stop; I won't mess my groove up 
Cause I already know how this thing goes, 

You run and tell you're friends that you're leavin' me, 
They say that they don't see what you see in me, 
You wait a couple months then you gone' see, 
You'll never find nobody better than me

Coz' In the night I hear 'em talk, 
The coldest story ever told, 
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul, 
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
Oh, how could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless, oh

I know you can't believe
I could just leave it wrong
And you can't make it right
I'm gon' take off tonight
Into the night... 
Into the night

Cause in the night, I hear 'em talk, 
The coldest story ever told.
Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless... 
How could you be so heartless? 
Oh... yeah

In the night I hear 'em talk, 
The coldest story ever told, 
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul, 
To a woman so heartless... 
How could you be so heartless
Oh, how could be so heartless
Oh, how could be so heartless
How could be so... 
So heartless... oh... 
How could you be so heartless

Merry Christmas

Hoouu hoouu houu..!!

Dear readers,

Christmas wish is the ideal way to pray for love and peace for all. Wishes can be given to anyone, whether you know a person or not. It is the way to share your feelings and happiness with all those whom you come across on this sacred occasion. You never know; you might make a lonely person smile because of your Christmas wish. The idea of Christmas wishes can go a long way in maintaining relationships and creating a bond that can only become stronger with time. Christmas wishes come in many different forms but have one single essence - To spread peace and happiness on this sacred occasion.

Wishes For Christmas
  • Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!
  • May this Christmas be so special that you never ever feel lonely again and be surrounded by loved ones throughout!
  • You are special, you are unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are! Merry Christmas!
  • Here's wishing you all the joys of the season. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
  • May joy and happiness snow on you, may the bells jingle for you and may Santa be extra good to you! Merry Christmas!
  • May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!
  • Love, Peace and Joy came down on earth on Christmas day to make you happy and cheerful. May Christmas spread cheer in your lives!
  • Sending the warmest Christmas wishes to you and your family. May God shower his choicest blessings on you and your family this Christmas!
  • May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white! Merry Christmas!
  • It is that time of the year again, when you are thankful for everything merry and bright. May this Christmas be a delight! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
  • May Christ bless you with all the happiness and success you deserve! Merry Xmas!
  • I am dreaming of white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write, May your days be merry and bright, and May all your Christmases be white. Merry Christmas. 
  • May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Wish your Christmas be filled with peace and love. Merry Xmas. 
  • May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Last night I go to this local TGV cinema in Kuala Lumpur and decide to watch this movie. Just to fills my free time gap i guess.

I was late five minutes to enter the cinema. But its okay for me, I can watch it again some other time. Again. Haha.

My words for this movie is TRICKY, FUNNY and STIMULATIVE.

Robert Downey, Jr. was excellent and handsomely plays his character well. He is the perfect choice. The facial expression, his voice and he gives his soul to this Sherlock character makes me believe he was the real Sherlock. I never knew that he can do martial arts. But in this movie it shown that Robert works hard to employ himself with some kung-fu, karate, silat moves.

The funny act comes when he camouflage himself into his house wall, and I didnt expected he did it again on the last scene. That was hillarious. Cute~!

Oh ya, the Simza, the gypsy girl. Who is she anyway?? Haha. She's definitely beautiful in a gypsy way. Suddenly Shakira's song remain in my head

Coz am a gypsy
Are you coming with me
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me...

Anyway, all I can say this movie was superb. You guys should go and watch it.

And thanks to TGV for the best movie experience.

Can you believe this?? haha.. He's a beautiful woman.

(c) Alexisqandar VII

..Aku puisikan cinta! - PART I

Apakah artinya?
Secebis hamparan kasih buat sejadah cinta
Terbentang dihadapan mata
Menunggu sujud sang pencinta

Setiap detik denting kasihnya itu
Berdengung di setiap kelenjar hatiku
Berdetak dentum menggetarkan jiwa
Bila bertemu si kekasih

Aku cinta aku rindu
Dan kamu bak mahkota di Syurga
Misteri bulan
Dimana bintang berkumpulan
Tidak ada jiwa yang ada di langit
Dalam dinginnya api dan seindah mimpi
Kita memasuki bilik
Namun kaca belum terbuka...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just a dream!

Bruno Mars had a grenade and Taio Cruz had dynamite. They both threw it at Katy Perry who exploded like a firework. The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot the time while Rihanna has memory loss and ran around saying whats my name. Eminem looked around and said i'm not afraid. Then Willow Smith began to whip her hair, which scared the Far East Movement who began to fly like a g6. then J-Lo fell on the floor, and Nelly woke up and said PHEW, it was only just a dream! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pergi lebih jauh dengan....


Car Model: Saga FL (2011)- "The Black Saga"
Transmission: Auto
Drives territory: Kuala Lumpur / Selangor.
Driver: nak tau jugak ke.. hehe.

Motive: Mengenal pasti petrol stesen mana lebih kilometer

Hypothesis: Stesen minyak -HIJAU- pergi lebih jauh.

Independent variable: Mobil, Petronas, Shel, Caltex, Petrol '95.
Dependent variable: Kilometers.

Experiment methods:
I am driving around and around KL and selangor during 'Bulan Ramadhan and Eidulfitri'. With empty tank, each petrol station I fill up RM50 only. So, each independent variable data recorded precisely according to kilometers counters data displayed on my car dashboard. From the before I fill up until my 'petrol almost finnish indicator' blinks on the dashboard display. 

Erratum (ralat): I add up another 20km to the data when my petrol indicator starts to blink. Which means I still can run even its blinking for about +/- 20km.


1. Mobil;        6617-6915
2. Petronas; 6915-7150
3. Shell;        7782-8115
4. Caltex;      8311-8571 


1. Mobil- 298 km
2. Petronas- 235 km
3. Shell- 333 km
4. Caltex- 260 km.

Conclusions:  Shell (kuning) pergi lebih jauh dengan jarak perbezaan lebih (variance) +/- 35km.

Notes: This experiment has been made once only to each independent variable. To get more accurate analysis it should be done more than 3 times to get the average data.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LIMA puluh sen

Lima Puluh Sen?

Korg ade 50sen ta'?
Knape dengan lima puluh sen??

Hehehe, saje je nk bukak topic 50sen nih. Alkesahnye nk bercerita tentang si sen ni hah...
Ta' kira lah seposen ke, 20sen ker lagi2 yg 5sen tuh.. Kadang2 kita buat bodo je ngan si sen nih.
Terutama time kite gi shopping sakan or beli juadah berbuka kat bazaar Kg Baru tuh hah.

Ala, beza lima posen jer!
Ala, RM 2 empat biji koci = 50sen sebiji...murah ler tuh! beli jer (padahal tadi dah beli kueh lempeng)
Lempang kangg~!!!

Hurmmm... ape2 pon, kita kadang2 ta' perasan sume tuh duet jugak.
Ala, harga baju neh RM99.50... ta' sampai seratus pon...
(korok mu~!!)
Lagi2 kalo abang promoter HOT tuh ckp harga die RM99 jer.. Hmmm, ta' tengok harga dah.
Beli sajork..!!

Beza lima posen tuh la keuntungan depa tau, ce kire ce kire kalo dah 100 org beli bju tuh..
100 x 0.50sen = RM50. Die dah kaburi kite yg die untung lebih lagi dengan nilai RM50 tuh.

So, moral of the kalikasion diatas ialah:

"Hidup = duit"

Ta ' ada duet.. matilahhh~!!

Adiosss.. (eh..Selamat Berbuka)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Somewhere in my broken heart..

You made up your mind it was time it was over,
After we had come so far;
But I think there's enough pieces of forgiveness
Somewhere in my broken heart.

I would not have chosen the road you have taken;
It has left us miles apart.
But I think I can still find the will to keep going,
Somewhere in my broken heart.

So fly; go ahead and fly,
Until you find out who you are;
'Cause I will keep my love unspoken
Somewhere in my broken heart...

I hope that in time you will find what you long for:
Love that's written in the stars;
And when you finally do, I think you will see it
Somewhere in my broken heart.

"You hurt me... "  (-,-)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


In every heart there is a room,
A sanctuary safe and strong,
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along.

I'd been in love. Twice. At the same time. And it was hard to imagine a new one coming along. But if my mind ever returned to you, the flare of pain was so acute that I wanted to flinch and step away from myself. I couldn't do that, though. Whenever those thoughts came by for a visit, my stubborn heart made me stand there, helpless in the jagged-edged rubble of all those memories, forcing me to relive times and places as they played themselves back to me.

I love you because when I touch you, I feel more a man than any other man...

I love you because nobody could ever accuse us of love...

I love you because you could love another man, yet still you love me... Just me.


Friday, March 25, 2011

01:00 AM

Its 01:00 AM, and I still wide awake. Am alone at home tonight, my sister working night shift. She's a nurse.

I've been thinking lately, about what my life would be? what's love? home? family and money?

We can deny angel existance, we can deny they will help us when we really need them.. but you know, they show up in unexpected moment, unexpected place- in any form that they might do. Its up to you to believe that.

Maybe I really need an angel right now, or maybe they just let me handle myself to see whether I can handle it myself or not. My capability to survive.

There is so much to life as we speak, the decision we make will leads us to what it should be. So, decide for yourself. Forget about others cause they make thier own too and not too sure is it involve us or not. Figure it out then..

Oohh..its too late! I need to sleep and dream of my angel.. Gudnite. Attaboy~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aku sempat kecewa... ( I was heartbroken)

Aku minta pada Allah setangkai bunga segar

Dia memberi aku kaktus berduri..
Aku minta pada Allah haiwan yg gebu nan cantique..
Dia memberi aku ulat berbulu..

Aku sempat sedih, kecewa dan memprotes.
Betapa tidak adilnya ini.. ahhhh~!
Namun kemudian…

Kaktus itu berbunga, sangat indah sekali,
Ulatpun berubah menjadi kupu-kupu yang teramat cantik..
Itulah jalan Allah..indah pada waktunya..

Allah tidak memberi apa yang kita harapkan, tapi memberi yang kita perlukan.
Walau kadang sempat sedih, kecewa, terluka.. Tapi jauh diatas segalanya.
Dia sedang merancang yang terbaik untuk kehidupan kita..
Masihkah kita berharap pada yang lain….?


I request to dear Allah for a beautiful roses
He gave me the thorny cactus..
I request to dear Allah for fluffy cute pet
He gave me the caterpillar..
I was heartbroken, sad and protesting.
This is unfair...!! Ahhhhh...

But then...

The cactus grow a flower... so beautiful~
Caterpillar turn into colourful butterfly
Thats the way it is... Thats Allah way
Beautiful when its the right time...

Allah will not giving us what we wants but he will give all that we need
Even sometimes we felt sad, disappointed and hurts... Above all
He plans what best for us to be..

Do we still hopes and believe for something else..?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unrequited Love

I wish I could write an Ottava rhyme poem,

To call for my callously love...

I wish I can read a stanza of story,
For it will calm my hot heartbeats...
But already my desire and my will,
being pushed by power of the sun that gives shine to the moon...

And I to him,
Like a salt to a salmon,
Like a honey to sallads...

I complaining yes I am,
I really want you badly enough,
Hoping for the best that told by centuries ancient myth,
Devoted I guess...

Will you change this poem's title for me?
Coz it sounds no right not yet..