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Friday, March 25, 2011

01:00 AM

Its 01:00 AM, and I still wide awake. Am alone at home tonight, my sister working night shift. She's a nurse.

I've been thinking lately, about what my life would be? what's love? home? family and money?

We can deny angel existance, we can deny they will help us when we really need them.. but you know, they show up in unexpected moment, unexpected place- in any form that they might do. Its up to you to believe that.

Maybe I really need an angel right now, or maybe they just let me handle myself to see whether I can handle it myself or not. My capability to survive.

There is so much to life as we speak, the decision we make will leads us to what it should be. So, decide for yourself. Forget about others cause they make thier own too and not too sure is it involve us or not. Figure it out then..

Oohh..its too late! I need to sleep and dream of my angel.. Gudnite. Attaboy~

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