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Monday, July 5, 2010

I Remain...

There is a time, when you heard you heart call for love. You struggled to ignore the ignited flame in you. And then you vow to your soul. You thrilled to know who is that person? The only advicement remain in my head just say “I do”.

We have to realize, how far we run, how deep we dive we cant runaway from such called LOVE. I’m saying this because I also been single for about 6 month already and I have to admit that now I longing for somebody to love. Yes I’m in love… my heart is under attack, but I still couldn’t find who is to love?

Lately, I’ve been busy with my new job. It’s kind off challenging when have you to manage a branch with many type of customers and most of all controlling your youthful staff. I’m still trying to adapt to this life but I’m thankful for I’ve been given the opportunity to prove myself to the world. I can do it.

Nocturnal life? Equally to my insomnia habits. The job I have here require me to be flexible a.k.a chameleonaire. Sometimes I’m on day shift then night shift (work until 2am or 3am) and usually no off day for weekends.

But, I’m happy now! Gaining new friends like resurrection to a new life. Accommodate myself with anything that according to my personal needs to replenish my lifestyle. Even that, lets get back to the main focus I wrote this article… I just need somebody to love.

Its not that I already forgotten the person that I used to love before which is the love I never knew that mine or not. My love still there, but I don’t want to put all my hopes on it. Life is unpredictable. Not all that you want is what you get and not all what you got is what you want. Isn’t?

“Separuh Jiwaku Pergi” song is humming through my head. Yes I do love you, but not like this.

I just need somebody to love, somebody to share my funny and sad stories. Somebody beside me. I need someone to hug and kiss me tender to minimize my stress. Yes! That’s science; kiss and hugs can make us calm and complacent.

I never needed someone to taking care of myself on every datum. Don’t need to endure to my frivolity. Intertwined is great.

Off course I have my own specification. Write down this one: you never happy with someone who you didn’t like even you are in love with that person. Very much like an experienced to me. Believe me.
Love is like having beautiful wound. Even I see your sweet smile, I still can’t laugh with you. Sometimes we miss someone but we dont know his real name.. like ..we knw the song title but we dont knw how to sing it~!

This silent loneliness is brilliant. This type of feeling makes me write emotionally. Alone once again crying for you… Alone once again missing for you… Baby I love you I still waiting for you.


  1. huhu, kata2 yg mendalam..
    guess u already know who i am.. haha..!!

    i loike this post so much btw..
    two thumbs up..!!

  2. thanks...
    what u mean i know who u are?


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