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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

P.S… I Love You

I really want to send a letter, like the classic love letter. Put it in the envelope and punch heart red stamp on it. Mail it miles and miles away. It seems the real me. Yes, I am a romantic guy. You can laugh about it, like I care! Waka~waka. My friend was choked on his smoke when he heard me said it.

I love you

Well, it’s not like I want my lover to send me a White Lily everyday. Saying “I love you” hundreds times a day. With just one sincere touch, will boost my heart and lighten up my day. Thank you.

Apparently, I love to write. I think you read enough at it. Lets call it love congeniality.

There is century white villa. Green carpet of grass on the yard with a beautifully crafted swinger midst of it. Flowery motive surface of crystal blue cold swimming pool. Light and fresh ambience. Soft sound of love music orchestrate indistinctively.

Flocks of birds flying low as they chattered vociferously. The white sweet mist blanket the morning sky. With shyness shine of sun waken up the vigorously calyx in the ornamental garden enclosed to the villa. Emitting its pervasive smell.

Homemade bolognaise, roasted fish, udang masak merah, Cheese Swiss Grilled Sandwich with Potato Roesti, freshly blend green apple juice plus sweet and colorful dessert concoctions. While having lunch we share funny stories.

Then, as far as eye can see, there is brown sunsets. Golden warm light illumination embrace our skin. Beautiful sounds of waves sing the song of nature. So intriguing. The love intifada.

Later in the night so blue, candle is all set. Two Lalonde Louis XVI design sofa bed opposite each other, smoothly crafted Flemish Renaissance sleeping bed covered with plethora of Bunga Harum Sundal Malam petals on it. Plus Lavender. We chat all night long. About life. About our world.

la~~la~~lala~.... la~lala~la (love song hums)

"Dear Love,

It is made me a man by you loving me. But even then, I’m not just a chapter in your life. There is more! And it is love who choose you sometimes. If love is a sin, then just let it be"

P.S... I Love You~!!


  1. *overawed awhile..~

  2. hehe, mcm tak caya, u yg garang ni romantic guy rupanya.. hahaha..!!

  3. garang ker..?
    notty cket jerk..lalalala~

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    Salam kunjungan salam ziarah…. Thanks kerana berkongsi story pada kami. Salam sebuah persahabatan salam satu perkenalan dari blog kami... Moga kami mendapat maklum balas dan respont yang baik dari blog anda...

    eeeemmmm tengah baca blog ko ni.... apa pun hope ade respon baik dari blog ko

  6. I think you may want to add a twitter button to your blog. Just bookmarked this url, although I must do this by hand. Just my 2 cents.


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