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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Real Me

I may not be what you think my pictures may be saying to you, hopefully I am more than that - much more....

Life is a painful journey yet amazingly, we are a creation that`s filled with a natural strength to survive. It`s a journey I feel that is totally worth living. Thus I also love to travel. Sharing a part of myself and experiencing treasures of others` cultures makes me whole.

Besides travelling I love to eat, gym, enlarging my music library, do volunteer & social work and surfing the net. 

Always appreciate the trials and hardships which makes us wise and strong. Humillity and vulnerabilty are never weak words in my vocabulary. 

Some people like to be counted, some people dont. Not claiming to be ultra macho or proud, I just hope to be at the present. Prefer to be closeted and perhaps I'm an openly shy exhibitionist ... anyway, do appreciate the acknowledgement and understanding. Each person has his timing and priorities, respect is the word we seek. 

If you appreciate this book - The Little Prince, you may have an inkling what kind of person I am.


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