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Monday, May 28, 2012

Dont just tweets on twitter, pay your debt!

Whoever said life is easy, obviously had way too much to drink that day.

We work, we struggle, we get up and we try because that’s what it’s all about. Sometimes we get it right, we pull through and after all of the fights, prayers and tears we finally make it on top.

Unfortunately the ending doesn’t always finish with a happily ever after, well not for most at least, sometimes the higher you climb the harder you fall. And when that bitch of a curve ball comes to knock you down, you feel it!

But it happens, to everyone, some more than others, but It happens!

You struggle to breath, light becomes dark, your world can literally crumble and you just want to sit alone, isolated in the still cold dark and seize to exist…

For the very lucky few and I mean really lucky, this is just the beginning. Even In the dark you hear the footsteps, you feel the warm hand on your shoulder and eventually that someone helps you up, dusts you off and reminds you that you will always matter and that you are amazing.

They slowly nurse you back to health with kind words, support and companionship. And sometimes that’s what it all boils down to… Support! Be it from a work college who sides with your beliefs or a friend who’s always got your back and for some it’s the family who love you no matter what, we are not built to be alone!

The world has changed and it always will but no matter what happens, having that Husband, Girlfriend, Mother or BFF makes all the bad stuff worth it. And that doesn’t make you weak or incompetent it makes you human.

I recently helped with a charity for Orphanage; I donated some stuff and painted faces. To me I felt a bit useless coz I didn’t do anything grand or life changing, until I realized that to me it may not have been huge but to someone with nothing it meant a lot.

I don’t know when it became uncool to care about others or help an old lady across the street but reading twitter, magazines even hearing general conversation the world has become obsessed with negativity, bullying and tearing people down all the time, it’s disgusting!!!!

When did people become the curve balls and forget about support?

For all you know, that girl dresses differently because it makes her happy, That guy may be quiet and withdrawn coz he’s dealing with the loss of his father and that woman you just screwed over for a promotion had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago.

Naturally people have pain and hurt its part of life but why would you want to cause that for someone?

If we are not going help each other out then who will, so don’t expect it if you’re not doing it.

So in the spirit of Life and just general compassion I urge you all to at least think about what I’m about to say;

If you have the opportunity to help someone, what type of person would you be to turn a blind eye?

Rich or poor, some people do not have support, some don’t have anything, not even hope! Just a small act of kindness can mean the world to someone, even a stranger and you will be a better person for it.

Keep well, Stay safe and be Awesome - Esqa

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