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Friday, July 27, 2012

PrelaunchX | Lets Make Easy Money Online

Have you ever heard of peoples today making a lot of money just with their Computer And INTERNET?? 
Here I just want to share an information that i get from my friend about PrelaunchX that become viral and famous worldwide.


Earning Potential: There are three ways your potential earnings can grow during the prelaunch build-up with Forex Firm X... earnings statement

Managed Trading Account
Forex Firm X will automatically create a forex trading account linked to your PLX account. This account will begin with a balance of US$100. They will trade this linked account in the forex market on your behalf. The trading decisions will be made by their in-house staff of experienced forex traders in combination with the predictive analysis technology they are developing.
Sign-up Bonuses
Forex Firm X have agreed to pay you a one-time sign-up bonus of US$100 for each person in your first social circle and US$20 for each person in your remaining unlocked social circles (2-10). Payment of sign-up bonuses requires that the people in your launch group create forex trading accounts with Forex Firm X after their official launch.
Monthly Commissions
Forex Firm X have agreed to pay you a recurring monthly commission of US$10 per month for every PLX user in your unlocked social circles who creates a forex trading account and maintains an active trading balance with Forex Firm X after their official launch. 

How the PrelaunchX (PLX) Income Opportunity / Business Model Works and How PLX Benefits You...
PrelaunchX (PLX) in 3 steps
1Invite. Sign up, invite your friends and your launch group begins to grow.
2Launch. PLX aligns with companies preparing to launch products and services. When they launch with PLX our users are invited to participate.
3Profit. Your launch group is tracked from the start. You earn for every active member of your launch group.
See below for more details on each step...
Step 1: Invite
You can potentially get paid a commission for each person in your launch group, every time they buy a product or service launched by PLX. Your launch group includes the people you invite to PLX, and the people they invite, etc.
Your launch group has massive growth potential as each social circle invites the next and so on. 
As friends invite friends, your launch group can potentially expand to include up to 10 “social circles”. The people you personally invite will join your first social circle. When they invite theirfriends, those who join will be in your second social circle, and so on.
Your launch group could quickly grow into the thousands, as each social circle invites the next — and you could earn commissions on the whole group.
Step 2: Launch
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Computers
  • Technology
  • Health and Fitness
PLX constantly working to align with companies which are preparing to launch products and services. As our “global” launch group grows to a massive size, you will have the opportunity toearn massive profits from that growth. In addition, it will put us in a position to give our users lower prices and higher quality on a wide range of products and services. 
As launch partners join PLX, your group is invited to participate in each new launch. 
 PLX will allow companies to reach a massive global audience to launch their products and services. The money they would have spent on marketing and advertising their products and services, will be paid to you in the form of commissions.
As each new company signs-on to launch with PLX, all of our users will be invited to participate. At launch time, each user is given a unique tracking link to ensure that everyone gets proper credit for their own launch group.
Step 3: Profit
After the launch, you start getting paid! 
In the final step, you get paid directly by the launch partner. Due to the types of products and services we are focusing on, most launch partners will pay recurring monthly commissions.
You could earn up to $1,000s per month with an active launch group.
Sign up for prelaunchX today, get your $100 sign-up team bonus from us here and invite a few friends (we'll give them a $100 bonus too) to watch your launch group and potential earnings start growing.

For more info and if you interested to sign up click HERE

p/s: sign up now.. If this program is just a fraud, you will not lose anything as you do not need to pay anything for signing up. But, if it works well, you would gain some money each and every month without need to work or sell anything.

Oh ya, I just sign-up yesterday (26 July 2012) and now I got 7 seven launch group. 
"Work hard everytime, free burger for Miss Swan" Miss Swan. LOL.

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