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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taylor Lautner has boyfriend?

Hunky Taylor

Is Taylor Lautner gay? Rumours are swirling that the seventeen-year old Twilight star is dating Sean Fox Zastoupil.

In 2008 Sean Fox was said to be dating Lindsay Lohan, but then we know Lohan was dating Sam Ronson. Confusing!

In the same year, Fox spent $10000 on items from Emporio Armani. The man can shop! If he is dating Taylor, then congratulations all around. Hope he tries before he buys.

‘Twilight Series’ hunk Taylor Lautner - apparently hot.

Lautner is rumored to be dating Sean Fox Zastoupil who recently flew in from Las Vegas to spend the weekend with Lautner.

“They were seen making out at popular Club Dollhouse earlier the week before and also seen shopping in the Trendy Meat Packing district in NY,” the websites reports. But as usual there’s no real credible source for this story.

It’s so "cute" to watch Sean Fox Zastoupil, who’s revealing in Internet to gain celebrity attention because people think he’s dating Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner, talk about how he won’t discuss his personal relationships — after disclosing that he’s only even been in Lautner’s presence “once or twice briefly at events.”

Sean Fox Zastoupil

The dude is Twilight geek, and nothing more. And certainly not someone who’s “in the spotlight.”
But a boy can dream. And on the Internet, nobody knows you’re just making shit up.

Taylor could do ALOT better than this guy. (*cough* Zac Efron =D). I've thought that ever since it was released as a rumor. Though, Ive also thought this was a publicity scam for the release of the movie.

Let’s not insult the poor guy. He obviously is fighting some horrible inner demons. If he had any self respect he wouldn’t be trying to, or letting himself be used, as rumors of dating Taylor.

I feel sorry for him, and others like him, when I see the kind of desperate fame whoring that goes around in Hollywood.


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