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Monday, November 18, 2013

5 secrets about One Direction 1D

1) Katy Perry Might Have Given Us One Direction

2) Liam Was Supposed To Have Gone Solo…Twice

3) Meet Tom Richards: The Lost Member of One Direction

4) Dancing Almost Derailed Them

Well, dancing almost derailed Zayn.

Honestly, one of the weirdest things about One Direction is that they don’t dance. They just skip and run and bounce. Sometimes with the beat!

5) A Sea Urchin Almost Destroyed Them

So, after the group was formed, they had to go to Simon Cowell’s “Judge’s House” and compete against seven other acts for one of three slots in the live shows. Is that confusing? We didn’t write the rules of X Factor. We only obsessively watch clips of it on YouTube.

Unlike most of the other groups, the boys had never performed together so rehearsal time was crucial. Unfortunately, they didn’t get much time to rehearse because Louis got stung by a sea urchin and had to go to an emergency room in Barbados.

That’s right. A sea urchin almost destroyed One Direction. Could you imagine if Louis was held up at the emergency room or flubbed his harmonies because of the pain? They wouldn’t have been passed to live shows! There would be no One Direction!

Well, there is One Direction and they are a global phenomenon and have been a major part of many girls’ hormonal transitions to womanhood.

And for fun, lets compare who the boys were then with who they are now.

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