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Saturday, November 23, 2013

One Direction on The X-Factor USA 3 - The Story of My Life

As last night performance by One Direction on X factor USA Season 3 goes on, I was thinking...

"What was are they thinking?"

Damn.. with Zayn Malik appearance like trying to be a MAN (adult) looks like he was meditating in some highest mountains in Zimbabwe?? Or he doesn't have a shave? Gillette would be honor to sponsor you Zayn. Or did his grooming assistant ha died?

I mean you guys still young, come on guys... you dont want to be an adult that fast. Believe me.

And after a few years in the industry, they still couldn't manage to hire a stage performance choreographer?
Oh I forgot that they pay more on the electricity for the lamps.

Oh maiii...ohh maiii! One Direction...

Here is the video guys..

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