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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fahrin bukan SUPERMAN

Fahrin Ahmad - aku bukan superman

Hot actors and host who is loved by many women, Fahrin Ahmad also have hearts and feelings. His emotion scratches easily. Fahrin so disappointed when his name and dignity stepped. As as in the song  of The Lucky Laki, Aku Bukan Superman.

His manly hearts want love and are loved by women, but Fahrin did not think his teman tapi mesra mock his reputation. Sadly shocked when read reports from his former lover, Linda Onn overthrow reputation, dignity Fahrin feel his manly soul really challenged.

That is why not surprising why the press conference announcing he would sue the popular Suria FM radio presenter who is also the ex-girlfriend recently, Fahrin tears fall in front of journalists. Fahrin too sad with Linda actions as he deems excessive.

For him, what is done by Linda can not be accepted even though his actions to sue Linda is hard decision to do. Perhaps because of that his manly soul crying even he sneakly shed his tears.

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