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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Secret 2012

This.. I wrote, based on my readings

There is a time when you need somebody to hold you tight late at night, when you feel so longing and vulnerable. Then you start to think about everyone in your life, who they are, what are they doing and most of the time you keep asking yourself whether they have the same feeling as yours.

Your secret

As your mind still wondering around the skies above, maybe you questioned your heart about those people. Are they had became the person or friends that you ever wanted? What is it that makes you keep stick to them? Are they worth enough to your precious relationship? Maybe.

This is much more like diagnosing yourself. But one thing you must remember is you are GREAT! Nothing and nobody can judge you. Be yourself. When do we start winning our own life? When you start to believe in yourself then it is time of yours. You control everything surrounding you. The chemistry between you and the climate of your life is become more stronger than before. Physically and spiritually.

-to be continued

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