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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Love

Kadangkala perkara tercantik dan terindah di dunia ini tidak boleh dilihat mahupun dipegang. Hanya HATI yang boleh merasai kehadirannya..

Love is not there to forget.. but to forgive
Love is not there to see.. but to understand
Love is not there to hear.. but to listen
:ove is not there to let go.. but to hold on

Dont you ever leave your lover just because the one you like and admire, because somehow the one you like might be leaving you for one they love. Seek for someone who call you BEAUTIFULL instead of HOT.

Who calls you back when you hang up on?
Who is stay wake up late night to guard you when you are sick and just to watch you asleep?
Who is kissing your forehead early morning?
Who is holding your hands in public?

Wait for someone who keep reminding you how much he care and how lucky is he to have you..


Hi.. Love