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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Believe

I myself been thinking most of times, what or who I want to be in my life. Yes, there are always somewhere I have been facing obstacles to pursue what I've been dreamt of. But I keep saying to myself somehow that there is chances and opportunity for me to fullfill and prove to the world I'll be the one myself.

Your beliefs made up who you are and where you are in life. If you want to change any part of your life, you have to change your beliefs about yourself in that area. The starting point of unlocking your potential, and accomplishing more than you ever have before, is to challenge your self-limiting beliefs.

A friend of mine was telling me about 'THE SECRET' which is explain about the Power of Mind Control, I never read the book or watch the DVD but I do believe that human mind do control most of our behaviour. Did you ever felt that what came to your mind actually did happens in reality?

That's it! You are what you believe. Your mind controlled yourself. So be confident and happy for who you are. I read a book on psychology written by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon. He noticed that most of his patients personalities changed after cosmetic surgery. Many people changed from being depressed, negative and with drawn to positive and happy people after their surgery. He knew he didn’t operate on the brain, so he came to the conclusion it was the belief, the self image of oneself that was shifted. Watch what happens with kids. With a word of praise they do fantastic things and why a touch of negativity, even in your facial expression dims the light. What ever you believe about yourself, will end up affecting what you do and how you do it.

Each one of us has feelings of inferiority because we feel that we are not good enough. We think that we are not as good as other people, and we felt that we are not good enough to acquire and enjoy the things we wanted in life. Often we feel that we don't deserve good things. Even if we work hard and have some achievements in our life, we often feel that we are not really entitled to our successes.

The Universal Law of Belief says that whatever we believe, with feeling becomes our reality. We don't believe what we see; instead, we see what we believe. Our beliefs form a screen as to how we see the world, and we never allow any information that is not consistent with our beliefs to pass through it. Even if we have beliefs that are totally inconsistent with reality, we won't let them through because our beliefs have become true for us.

The fact is, you deserve every good thing that you are capable of acquiring through the use of your talents. The only real limitation on what you can be and have, is if you lack the desire. If you set a goal and want to achieve it badly enough, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving it, as long as you're willing to persist long and hard enough.

If you consistently act like the person you want to become every day and in every situation it will begin a chain reaction. Your attitude will change and become more postive. This will then build stronger and more postive beliefs. And your beliefs will then, exert a positive influence on your values.

You have no limitations on your potential except for those that you believe you have. Successful people are not extraordinary or special in any way. They are not different from you or I. But, all successful people do have the unwavering belief that they can accomplish anything that they really want in life. You are a good person. From this day forward, see yourself as the very best you can be, and refuse to accept any limitations on your possibilities. Once you develop that belief in yourself, and you act in accordance with your beliefs, your future will be unlimited.

You know there are people, beautiful people. You just wish they could see you in a different side, different place.. Instead of what you are, what you've become. But most of all, you wish you weren't such a pussy for wishing for things that'll never change.

Generally speaking we believe what we are programmed cumulatively to believe from the day we were born. To meet the goals and desires of your life you must continue to program you sub-conscious with positive thoughts that will help you reach your goals. I like Earl Nightingales saying, “A goal is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Your goal is your goal and all we can do is help facilitate it with you. Write this down, talk to your manager. Have a great year.

-to be continue


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