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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life That Teach Me to Be A Better Man

I've been sitting in front my desk for a while, thinking what to write about? About my life, others or just a fiction. Then I look back and squeezing my brain off. About the world around us, its been a tremendously contaminated and polluted by our own hands. Be GREEN guys. About love and partnership life. Political views is untouchable for the reasons I don't know why? What is constitution for? Free to voice-up our minds. Oh forget it!

Lets just talk about us, what was happens, happening and in future preparations? I am graduated from one of biggest local University up-north. There is so much resistances and barriers I've been through. That is taught me so much about life and to be a better man. Been struggling to show the world that I can be somebody too. But still, it seems to me that I have to work more harder than before to achieve my goals and pursue my dreams.

I have been stand alone on my own since I was 15. Start to believe in myself to stay at school hostel. Focusing on my study for the PMR examination. Even though I never had the chance to bought my own reference books, just borrow it from some of good school mate. So, just think about it. If you borrow somebody else books and at the same time they might need it. You have to reschedule your study time. They sleep, you are awake to read or handwriting-copy it. They go for lunch-break, you still in the classroom doing reviews. Over sometimes, you might feel that life is unfair to you on that time. You try to understand it, but you are still young to face it. And that makes me much more matured than my age.

For that, I am thankful to Allah and my lovely parents, I've got such a good result but not really outstanding. Receive more than seven award for being a good student for several subjects, participation in schools projects and a big award that really shocked me. For I doesn't know that I have one more award left, since I'd checked my list that I received it all already. It is an ULTIMATE PRINCIPAL AWARD! Alhamdulillah. Such a sweet memories of school time of life. How about you? Don't you missed your school epoch?

After that I admitted to Science school out of my hometown for 2 years. I learn a lot of new things there. Being apart from family is one, but being somewhere called new place is something we have to cope with to adapt our lifestyle so we didn't look ignorance. Making some new friends, be a good boy and try to hide our personal secrets which best for us to keep it that way, otherwise it will be a disaster and ruin our relationships.

I met this one nice guy. Some friends says we like a twins just with different mom and dad, hahaha! just because our name almost the same and magically our parents name almost same as well. Where he'd be and there were am I. Sweet memories again. Skip that part. Nothing happens actually, just a close friend. Thank you for that.

This story maybe more interesting. It was my birthday 13th July 2001. That night after doing reviews for exam, I felt something is going to happen to me. Such a weird feelings, that like telling you things distinctively. I go to bed as usual. On my way to dreams, suddenly I felt a group of guys raid into my room. Strangled my neck, tied my hands and feet and kidnap me to somewhere I didn't know for my head veiled with fabric. Suddenly I felt they put me onto something wet surface. They'd runaway and I tried to open the veil covered my head with tied up hands. As soon as I open my eyes, I am in the toilet, someone splashed me with a nasty smelly liquids. Damn!! It was corny jack-fruit that been stocked for three days I guess. Owh man... Can you imagined? Hahaha. It was my dorm-mate devise. Not enough with that they laugh out loud on me. Then they pulled me out to the basket-ball court. They made a circle around me, one guy named King, for he's got the Perak Royal blood then says that there is a game called 'run and hide or you finished!' The rule is simple, I have to run and hide in the middle of the night around the school and they will chasing me. If I got caught, there is another punishment for me. In the count of one to ten... Vroommmm!! There I gone with full throttle sprint that I think I could win the Olympics Game. Such a humiliating moments. I hide in the dark far away in the middle of the Rugby field. Funny thing is I laugh back on them for searching me around the school in the dark. I have the gift, i guess, for I can see clearly in the dark. One hour after, they still searching and I can feel that they start to worried. For what I can see is that our warden is informed already about my missing in action. Then I sneaked into our dorm. I took a cold night shower then gone to bed sleep like a baby.

Next morning, there is big assembly occasions. The diciplinary teacher start to called several names which is list of them are the gang from last night event and lastly my name included. The board of school knew it then we have been punish to clean up the school every day for 2 weeks. Hereafter then we are being a closed friends. I start to learn to be a bad boys yet seems cool to the others eye. Sometimes to be a bad boy goods for your feelings. Don't be a geek! Nerd'o.

Next part. Science subject is my favorite especially chemistry. Love to do experiments way beyond the school boy should do. Even it not in the book. Here I became the nerd'O again. Too much question to a teacher to handle. Even sometime I corrected what the teacher says. That makes him like a fool to me. Sorry, didn't meant that. Next class I enjoyed as well is Physics. Love the way the teacher talk. The accent from Kelantaness always entertain us. Its time for me to be a bad boy. Biology?? Who didn't love the Microscope that magnify every little tiny thing. Cells, microorganism, blood etc. There is once one of the pervert guy try to magnify his own sperm. WTF!! Everyone was excited to view it. Add-math always challenge me. This subject, the most I did reviews for what I can remember. Its just such a feeling when you can solve an equation the feels like you have won a battle. I love my English teacher, she provide us with the Singaporean school syllabus that believed the degree a higher than Malaysian English. I remember the moment when she asked me to read a passage. I didn't know what are my classmate laughing at by time I start to read and read. Is it because of the way I stand infront or something wrong with my appearance? Or I pronounce it incorrectly? Finish that reading I go to my desk. Then my teachers asked the class why are they laughing? One of them replied it because the way I pronounce word of "the".... I pronounce it as "D" and they recommend it supposed to pronounce as "de".. I just smile. I bet you guys know why right?

-to be continued...ngantoks arrrr!! Comments please..

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