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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life That Teach Me to Be A Better Man ::PART 2::

After all of my classroom laugh at me, I can laugh back at them when my teacher explain that there is nothing wrong with my pronounciation! Its just because I was taught different slang of english. From that moment, it gives me more enthusiasism to learn more about languange. Not only english but a few more that might catch my interest. Japanesse, Mandarin, Thai, Tagalog, Spanish and so on.

SPM result was out, I'm happy with it. Even not very good but I am satisfied. 4A, 4B, 1C. Plus my active record on Hockey, Silat Gayong, Basketball and Debate that would be a ticket to futher my studies. Then I got offer to Matriculation on Physicals Science Course. Then again I travelled all by myself to Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan, KML.

8 hours travel by bus to Kota Kinabalu Town from my hometown. Then get into a 3 hours ferry to Labuan Island. Directly shoot to the campus by mini bus and register myself at hostel. I realised almost all my school mate were admitted there. It became more chaosly chaos when all three my room mate are my classmate. It was good feeling but deep inside me, Damn! Isn't there anybody else to be my room mate. I am sick of them. Haha.

Class started. Nothing else got into my mind. Study.. study.. study! Matric classes are getting harder to digest. But I still try my best to follow and learn. But, what was happening is few of my school mate stuck in culture shock to the matric student lifestyle. Which is all up to you, nobody seems to care whether you go to the class or not. We are not in 'asrama penuh' anymore. No punishment for escaping class nor not finish your task. More likely to University lifestyle.

I learned few new things about life when I was there. It is all by yourself. Up to you on how you manage your life, financial and time. I also met new friends from other parts of Sabah and Sarawak. I can speak Melayu Sarawak languange and sometimes Sarawakian fellas thought that I from Sarawak as well. My best friend, Christopher are from Kuching. He is cool guy, nice smile and always with me when I need somebody. We are in the same Tutorial Class. We play skateboard together which he taught me how to play. I fell so many times until I got used to it. He always gave me encouragement. Thank you dude. I love play squasy, I taught him in return and I let him won at first just to makes him feels good. Oh, I miss my old friends already.

One thing I never forget is I think I'm in love with one cute beautiful girl named Angel. I always teased her in Chemistry class. Got her number but my heart is broken when she just want us to be friends. But its okay at least I can spend time with her and doing revision.

Few months later, i felt comfortable to hang out and doing things together with this guys group we called Kumpulan Rosman. Funny right? hehe. Because the head group is one little guy named Rosman which is finally I found out that he is my Counsins counsin. I had a lot of sweet memories with them. We go out shopping together. Doing homework together. Poker. Calling names at each other. Accusing somebody else were gay and etc. The most precious moments is when we sneaked out in the middle of the night and walk away to the beach and swim in the cold night sea. It was fun and enjoying moment. We doing barbeque, playing guitars and sings all night long. Almost everyday we doing that. And it was Ramadhan month somemore. So when we got back to hostel we took our Sahur directly and went to sleep.

Oh ya, I still remember when I were in Silat Gayong training. Everynight we have training after Isyak. The good thing when you join martial art is you became more alert than before. I did knocked my friend down when he touch my shoulder from backside. So sorry about that friends. You can feel the differnts too, you'd become more healthy and stronger. My sparring partner is Azlan, we always called him as Lan Komeng for his head is bald. And he is became one of my BFF as well. Sweet time when all of the 'pesilat' went camping at Pulau Pandan, we play and swim together. I dont know if he is gay but he is so lovely to me. Haha, and I'm the one he will searching for when he were sick and he will do the same as well. So, you know that I am a good on taking care of sick friend...hehe. Stop with that. I want to thank you our tok guru for trusting us to join Borneo Open Silat competition. Even we are still white belt but he taught us how to handle Parang, Keris and partner Art Sparring. May god bless you.

Owhh man.. I missed my old times together with my friends. Can I go back to school??

--to be continue (c) Alexisqandar 7

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