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Friday, October 11, 2013

Diving Paradse in Malaysia

Imagine warm clear waters, colourful underwater reefs and fascinating aquatic life forms.

Imagine stunning, sheer walls and large, graceful pelagics.

Imagine breathtaking beaches of powdery soft sand. These captivating sights will be yours to enjoy in the abundance of dive sites in Malaysia.

Here are the Island list for you to visit in near future:

  1. Pulau Sipadan
  2. Pulau Mabul
  3. Pulau Kapalai
  4. Pulau Mataking
  5. Pulau Lankayan
  6. Pulau Mantanani
  7. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
  8. Pulau Tiga
  9. Pulau Layang-layang
  10. Miri
  11. Labuan
  12. Pulau Tioman
  13. Pulau Tenggol
  14. Pulau Kapas
  15. Pulau Lang Tengah
  16. Pulau Redang
  17. Pulau Perhentian
  18. Pulau Payar

***will update the picture next.
***leave comments for more info.

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