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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mo Sabri - Heaven Is Where Her Heart Is (Aisha) Lyric

Verse 1:
You could be my Aisha, always being righteous
Need you in my life, yup, you could be my wife, yup
They say love is a battle, you know that I'll be your fighter
Destination Heaven, you're my weapon in this cypher
But I'm just a writer...I speak truly
My heart is on fire, "spittin" ayahs about beauty
Let me do my duty, I could be your husband
I could be the one that you could always put your trust in
When it comes to loving, I'll give you everything
They say I'm a King so I'll treat you like a Queen
Every day when you wake up I'll be the man of your dreams
You could be my other half and we could stay up on our Deen
Whenever you want, we can go to Umrah
Hop up on a jet,...just to go to Jummah
We could live the good life, I'm talking about the Sunnah
And when I write this music, I do it for my Ummah
She tells the truth, she's honest
She's humble and she's modest
Her speech is the softest
Because Heaven is where her heart is

Verse 2:
Heaven's citizen, she's so innocent
Focused on the Lord, so no need for the Ritalin
Haters say she's different, but she does not belittle them
Her patience is a riddle and it leaves them in bewilderment
She got soul, yeah, she got spirit
And she's God-fearing, hear it in my lyrics
I got the feeling, hands up to the ceiling
She never does wrong, but still wants to be forgiven
Yeah, she got class
Life is a test and she just wants to pass
She don't want the money, the cars, or the cash
She just wants a man who will keep her on the straight path
Forget the numbers, I rap for the Ajr
One day you'll be the one that will wake me up for Fajr
Significant other, wife, my children's mother
My last name is Sabr
Be patient, one day i'll be your cover

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